Articles: Science

Whether I'm editing or writing, I enjoy working on stories that explore complex and fascinating subjects -- stories that are important, dramatic, or just plain fun. And I find no subject more fascinating than science. That’s why you’ve been directed to this page first. Crafting stories about science is the heart of what I do.

From Pigs to People: The Emergence of a New Superbug, Science
The discovery of a novel strain of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus able to jump from livestock to humans has sparked a multicountry effort to see how dangerous it might be.

Exposing Cancer's Soft Spot, HHMI Bulletin
As the clock ticks for cancer patients, researchers hunt for new genes to target with precision therapies

How Acupuncture Pierces Chronic Pain, Science
Researchers pinpoint a mechanism by which acupuncture relieves pain, and show that a drug could one day make the Chinese therapy more effective. (Cited as a must-read by the New York Times Week in Review section.)

The Funny Factor, Reader's Digest
Why smart brains take humor seriously.

Brain Powered, Reader's Digest
A wave of recent advances shows how the mind affects health in ways we never imagined.

The Education of T Cells, Science
New research on how T cells learn to home in on their targets could lead to selective treatments that boost or dampen immune responses in specific tissues of the body.