Here are some ways I may be able to help you:

• Writing. I write mostly magazine and online articles and books, and I also take on writing projects for institutions. If you want clear, accurate writing about science, health, technology or the environment, whether for specialists or for consumers, drop me a line.

• Speaking. I am an experienced speaker on sustainability and science writing, and I've given lectures, including keynote lectures for large groups, at universities, medical centers, nonprofit organizations, and more. I'm also available to speak on a variety of topics I’ve written about as a journalist and author.

• Editing. I’m available to edit articles, reports and other material on science, sustainability and health. I'm equally comfortable editing and writing for scientists or other experts or for consumers.

• Coaching and consulting. I offer limited one-on-one coaching in science writing to writers and aspiring writers. I can also critique a piece you’ve written to help you communicate clearly and accurately.

To find out more about any of these services or to discuss a possible project, please contact me at ferber(at)nasw(dot)org and we can discuss the details.